I've recently received an Advent Roma 1001 laptop, which would not power on at all. Diagnosed it as a faulty motherboard, so I've ordered a spare part. When it has arrived after few days, I've started the disassembly and replacement process. I didn't know that yet, but I was in for a treat ...

Started off with searching for the Service Manual for this specific model. Turns out it's a rebranded ECS laptop, for which there is no service manual either. Seems I will have to figure out myself how to open it up. After taking out all visible screws, and some flexing, I managed to see the motherboard in its full glory.

Although 'glory' would not be the correct word to describe what I saw. Clearly the two teams responsible for motherboard and case design have failed to communicate properly. Most of the external ports had their connectors on the opposite end of the motherboard. This resulted in few cables randomly running across the motherboard, attached to it by some sticky tape, and wedged between capacitors and other elements.

Taking great care, few hours later the laptop was ready, and working again.