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Maintenance and Security for Home

 Proactive monitoring, patching, updates and maintenance


What’s included

Always-on monitoring and alerting – ensures everything stays running smoothly 24/7. Unlike the Break/Fix model, I’m incentivised to resolve issues as quickly as possible, find long-term solutions, and prevent problems in the first place. If it requires a decision to be taken, I will contact you to explain and discuss the actions required. (Examples: detecting hard drive problems early preventing data loss, hard drive space monitoring, processor and memory usage alerts)

Proactive maintenance that nips problems in the bud – No more waiting until something breaks and then losing productivity while it’s being fixed. I can resolve issues before they become big, expensive problems. (Examples: automated Windows and application updates, removal of malware)

Remote assistance for annual check-ups and on-demand support – Sometimes issues can be fixed without a need for a visit, saving on travel time as well as offering better flexibility. (Examples: annual health check, user support and training)

Top-class security software from BitDefender – Scoring best in protection, performance and usability on the most recent AV Test evaluation – no need to maintain your own subscription – always active, always up-to-date

Cloud Backup – Protecting you against data loss and ransomware. Files are securely stored in an encrypted backup in the cloud, with file versioning allowing you to request the data to be restored from any point in time within the last 30 days.

List of inclusions/exclusions MAINTENANCE PLAN SECURITY PLAN
Bespoke Support Application for Windows and Mac
Always-on monitoring and alerting
10% Discount on Remote and On-Site Support
Managed Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware
Managed Premium Firewall
Password Management System
Dark Web Monitoring
Device Backup with Ransomware Protection
Cost per device £5 per month
£50 per year
£10 per month
£100 per year

All prices are per single device subscription.