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Remote Monitoring and Management for Home and Small Business 

 Proactive monitoring, patching, updates and maintenance

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What’s included

Always-on monitoring and alerting – ensures everything stays running smoothly 24/7. Unlike the Break/Fix model, I’m incentivised to resolve issues as quickly as possible, find long-term solutions, and prevent problems in the first place. If it requires a decision to be taken, I will contact you to explain and discuss the actions required. (Examples: detecting hard drive problems early preventing data loss, hard drive space monitoring, processor and memory usage alerts)

Proactive maintenance that nips problems in the bud – No more waiting until something breaks and then losing productivity while it’s being fixed. I can resolve issues before they become big, expensive problems. (Examples: automated Windows and application updates, removal of malware)

Remote assistance for annual check-ups and on-demand support – Sometimes issues can be fixed without a need for a visit, saving on travel time as well as offering better flexibility. (Examples: annual health check, user support and training)

Top-class security software from BitDefender – Scoring best in protection, performance and usability on the most recent AV Test evaluation – no need to maintain your own subscription – always active, always up-to-date

All prices are per single device subscription.

Discount available for multiple subscriptions – each additional device gives you 5% discount off the total price of the subscription, up to 20% off!

Example 1

2 PCs on Security plan

Price before discount:
£7 x 2PCs = £14 monthly = £168 annually

Price with 5% discount:
£159.60 for 2 PCs



Example 2

1 PC on Security plan
2 PCs on Maintenance plan

Price before discount:
£7 + £5 + £5 = £17 monthly = £204 annually

Price with 10% discount:
£183.60 for 3 PCs



Example 3

3 PCs on Security plan
1 PC on Maintenance plan
1 PC on Monitoring plan

Price before discount:
£7 x 3PCs = £21
£21 + £5 + £4 = £30 monthly = £360 annually

Price with 20% discount:
£288 for 5 PCs